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Ethical Pest Control

We offer effective pest control services to your home and business. We believe in exploring all ethical routes of effective pest control before using chemical solutions. Sometimes chemicals provide the only solution.

10 years ago we started providing facilities management services to homes and companies, this led us to offering pest control services. As such ”Vermin Go” ethical pest control was launched.

Our services include traditional, green, organic and pesticide free solutions. Pet, child and environmentally thoughtful solutions for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Principles of pest control: "Integrated pest control," it's not just about applying pesticides, we consider non chemical, biological, cultural and education methods before using chemicals. While we are not averse to using a chemical solution, we do believe in exploring the alternatives first.

Surveys: Site surveys are an essential part of our job. It allows to assess the best methods to deal with your issues.

Legislation: We comply with current legislation such as animal welfare, use of pesticides, health and safety.

Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU): This provides the framework for our business model when using rodenticides. Non chemical control strategies will be explored first, before we risk introducing poisons into the environment.

Our Commitment: Our commitment is to you, the customer. Our customers are given the highest levels of advice and service. Not just the basic minimum level but an ethical effective solution for your problem.

Privacy Concerns?: We have discreet vehicles to turn up to your property. Standard tradesman vehicles which don't alert your neighbours to the reason for our visit.

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What People Say

  • "Cleared our wasps nest in no time and at a very reasonable price"
    Jim Smith (Brackley)
  • "A prompt and polite service. Would certainly recommend to others"
    Mary Jones (Bicester)
  • "Disposed of our rats humanely and cleanly. I was impressed with the service"
    Roland Smee (Northampton)
  • "Made short work of our silverfish. I'm glad I called Vermin Go"
    Susan Hayward (Towcester)

Meet The Team

Simon Lawton

Company owner and technician.

Becky Lawton

Administration and accounts

Brandon Lawton

Repairs and making good